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The breakdown of the family, child abuse, county agency entitlement fraud and the root cause of Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Evidence-Based: Case Manipulation, Influence Peddling, Institutional Discrimination, In-Concert Agency Child Abuse, Assualt, Neglect and Child Fatalities Cover-Ups, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Abuse of Power, Abuse of Public Trust, Financial Crimes, Political Intimidation & Targeting


Wisconsin Families,


I have been working on child protection, child fatality awareness and the breakdown of the family in Eau Claire Wisconsin going on twenty years. I, with the help of a fearless former lawmaker, were able to draft a comprehensive child protection bill here in Wisconsin that became law back in 2006, known as the Stephen Hubbard Bill. This bill would have never become law had we not been able to expose the entitlement fraud in Eau Claire County. 


The Discoveries: 


I believe the reason why abused children across Wisconsin stand at the edge of fatality is due to not only the breakdown of the family and family separation, but also counties maximizing revenue flows from family court out comes that trigger state and federal incentives and matches. Such as, Social Security Act Title IV-B and Title IV-D and Wisconsin DCF-153.


I also believe their has been a concerted effort by counties in the State of Wisconsin to usurp (rig) child custody outcomes to cultivate ongoing entitlement funding, that leave/force many children to remain in broken households, where there is a high probability of assault, child neglect, child abuse, child fatality and exposure to the drug epidemic from non-biological significant others.


Let me provide a few facts on why I believe a child's safety becomes compromised in the quest for Federal entitlements and incentive matches for county agencies post family breakdown.


Once a family breakdown and separation has occurred. Many separated families will reach out for "temporary" social safety net services. This is the point a county sees a shattering family as Federal dollars signs. In a blink of an eye, county agents will coach a recipient into additional entitlements to secure long term federal entitlement matches and incentives for a county. County agencies will steer families away from reconciliation and toward irreversible separation as well as Wisconsin's 767.24 - presumption of 50 50 placement that would allow separated parents to be independent from government services. 50 50 placement is the kryptonite to many county agencies looking to generate funding on the backs of shattering families and broken children.


What I discovered in my effort to create comprehensive child protection legislation and solutions to the breakdown of the family and child trauma, was a document called the Branch Five "Standard Policy on Periods of Physical Placement". This document was knowingly used to manipulate child custody outcomes to maximize and sustain Federal entitlement matches, incentives and estimates until a child's eighteenth birthday.


Wisconsin's "Standard Policy on Periods of Physical Placement" has been used for two decades to shatter families and create chaos for many children (Adverse Childhood Experiences) as well as stripping many single parent mom's of equality by establishing an every-other weekend over-the-bench mandate that additionally blocks unimpeachable (safe) biological parents from protecting their children from abuse. 



Deprivation of rights:

When a family becomes separated, many separated parents will consult with a divorce/child custody attorney. What both parents don't realize is that their is a clear disadvantage for one parent. Attorneys, the courts, child psychologists and guardian ad-litems will assist in stripping due process and coaching an outcome that is beneficial only to the county. The in-concert stripping of due process without any challenge demonstrates an undeniable Quid Pro Quo and abuse of power precedent among many.


Here is where I believe that evidence-based facts become more than a reality for many broken Wisconsin children and separated families.


Once the custodial parent is awarded physical placement, the system continues to coach and lockdown scores of public-assistance that triggers long term federal matches and incentives for county budgets, thus stripping upward mobility and subjecting a primary physical placement parent to irreversible poverty. At this point a poverty stricken custodial parent may start engaging in nefarious activities though acquaintances to make ends meet that often place children in extremely dangerous environments.  


A separated (safe) unimpeachable non-custodial parent receives a child support order that also triggers long term Federal matches and incentives for county budgets, as well as rewards individual county child support agents on performance in creating and locking down child support orders. These child support Incentive payments to agents are used in Wisconsin to unfairly punish unimpeachable non-custodial parents (Child Support Bulletin No.: 09-36 Dated 11/11/2009).


Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development encourages counties to use DCF-153 to block unimpeachable biological non-custodial parents trying to protect their children so their is no chance of losing long term matches and incentive payments for the county and the State of Wisconsin. The irony in DCF-153 incentive payments is Wisconsin Department Of Revenues roll in assisting in tax intercepts on rigged family cases over the last twenty years that has bankrupted tens of thousands of Wisconsin families.


Ask yourself this question using the examples provided above... If a Wisconsin child was removed from an abusive custodial parent and a non-biological significant other due to in-concert child abuse and/or neglect and placed with the unimpeachable loving non-custodial parent, what would happen to potentially eighteen years of Federal funding, incentives, matches, kickbacks, self-dealing, personal enrichment scams and revenue estimates for counties initially rigged by the Standard Policy on Periods of Physical Placement?


Here’s what would happen…The federal matches and Incentives associated to that family would all disappear in an instant, because unimpeachable loving non-custodial parents historically won’t ask for public assistance and/or child support. These parents most often won’t look to a social safety net, they just want to move on and protect and love their child/children.


The use of the Standard Policy on Periods of Physical Placement is not only unconstitutional, it's criminal. Federal case precedent…The People vs Judge, Gerald P. Garson. Judge, P. Garson was convicted for manipulating the outcomes of divorce and custody proceedings in the State Of New York. 



The Solution:


Solutions start with Wisconsin law enforcement, WDOJ, WDOR and WFBI understanding that whistle-blowing isn’t a crime it’s a duty, but under the Color of Law, in-concert retaliation, intimidation and targeting by these agencies to cover-up evidence-based corruption is a crime. Our Wisconsin communities need to realize, the strength of our families is a direct correlation to the strength of our communities. 


As we see across the state of Wisconsin, increasingly children are falling victim to the drug epidemic. As a state we need to have a broader conversation related to the breakdown of the family and crimes against children that I believe stem from the use of the Branch Five Standard Policy on Periods of Physical Placement concept here in Eau Claire and across Wisconsin. Additionally, revisiting and updating Wisconsin's Stephen Hubbard Bill (Act 101 2005) would provide unimpeachable biological parents the ability to protect their children from assaults, neglect, abuse, fatality and poverty. 


In all my efforts to bring attention to this issue, it seems Wisconsin counties are more interest in protecting payrolls, benefits, incentives, self-dealing and kickback opportunities, than protecting Wisconsin children standing at the edge of fatality in silence and the breakdown of their family.


National media… Investigate my efforts above, you will learn why many mandatory reporters like a (former Dunn County school superintendent that choose to cover up two severe cases of child abuse to protect a perpetrator from his home town), district attorneys, law enforcement leadership, physicians and others know the circumstance of a child's home environment and the abuse and neglect they are enduring and do as little as possible to protect revenue inflow from federal funding.



Through It All:


Our family and the above-mentioned lawmaker paid a heavy price for going to Madison Wisconsin to write the Stephen Hubbard child protection bill and exposing years (1998-Present) of in-concert collusion to rig family cases for Federal funding incentives and matches and the institutional racism that permeated through each and every family case in Branch Five. Our family lost just about everything for whistle-blowing, limiting our ability to run our businesses fluidly in our community due to suspect county evidence-based in-concert tortuous retaliation, intimidation, targeting, retribution carried out by multiple county, city and state agencies against our family, children, and businesses. 


Was it all worth it? Absolutely! We accomplished what county, state and federal law enforcement couldn’t and wouldn’t due to what I believe is a version of a blue code of silence and the brotherhood. Getting one of the most comprehensive child protection bills passed revealed that the breakdown of the family, Wisconsin's drug epidemic has a direct correlation to crimes against children not only in the State of Wisconsin, but across the nation.

Next Chapter:


Holding school administrators accountable who fail to mandatory report child abuse and neglect and that cover-up on-school-grounds sexual assaults, sexual harassment, racism, bulling and drug use. 


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