Everything is relative to the state and strength of the family

This is not the time for Wisconsin counties to play politics with COVID-19 & shared placement agreements.
Not honoring these agreements could force many children into the hands of their perpetrators without a voice. (The Bad Boy Boyfriend). 

The Root Cause Of Eau Claire County Child Abuse, Breakdown of the family And Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Evidence-Based: Case Rigging,  Child Abuse, Child Fatalities  & Child Assaults Cover-Ups. Institutional Discrimination, Public Corruption,  Abuse of Power,  Influence Peddling, Abuse of Public Trust, Political Intimidation & In-Concert Agency Cover-ups.

This mission started out from the discovery of physical abuse, neglect and fatality cover-ups in Dunn and Eau Claire County around the same time a child fatality in St. Croix County drew my attention. 

Stephen Hubbard of St Croix County was killed on December 20th, 2004 by his mother’s boyfriend Kevin Rood. Like many young children of abuse standing at the edge of fatality, they stand in silence. Compelled to raise awareness of non-biological significant other abuse (The Bad Boy Boyfriend) I went to Madison to help write a comprehensive child protection bill called the Stephen Hubbard Bill.

After years of old school investigative research, I discovered a phenomenon in Eau Claire County. The "gaming" of family law, more specifically known as The Standard Policy on Periods of Physical Placement meant to trigger Federal incentives and matches by stripping due process that also blocked unimpeachable noncustodial parents from protecting their children from non-biological significant other abuse, assaults, neglect and fatalities.

The outgoing Governor knew long before he became Governor (Knapp Wisconsin Lincoln Day Dinner). As the Milwaukee County Executive, he knew exactly what had been uncovered, from child fatality cover-ups to agency entitlement fraud perpetrated by not just Eau Claire County leadership, a county board member and several agencies, but also other Wisconsin counties using the exact same model.

The outgoing Governor and Attorney General had eight years to bring evidence-based accountability and justice by changing out the Eau Claire County leadership, but instead of sending a message to seventy two other counties they did little to nothing. 

Adult children do you know why your county agency blocked your unimpeachable biological parent from protecting you from your abuser?

(Wisconsin DCF-153)


How Can You Help?

Use your voice to Ask the hard questions without Fear Of retribution

The evidence-based letter to the Eau Claire County Sheriff in 2009 and numerous in person conversations regarding the rigging of family cases that is a mechanism used to bolster Federal funding matches and incentives for county budgets.

Sheriff, how many children fell into the hands of perpetrators, predators and or became victims of your drug epidemic/game here in Eau Claire County since the 1980's ?  

What's been uncovered within this site makes the Larry Lokken and Kay Onarheim scandal look like bench-warmers on a t-ball team by comparison.

Sheriff was the 1.39 million dollar county treasurer theft tied in anyway to what's been uncovered within this site?  It has all the appearneces.

The counties use of multiple city, county and state agencies to inflict political and financial retaliation against Eau Claire County whistle blowers is how the family case manipulation, crimes against children and the war on the family is kept silent in Eau Claire County. This type of conduct in Eau Claire County by those with authority has been taking place since the 1980's.

Is the in-concert retaliation meant to cover-up ten's of millions, if not hundrends of millions of dollars in Federal funding generated on the backs of shattering children and families?

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