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Policing for cash, teen drug informants, humanizing the drug epidemic and leadership accountability

Feb 24, 2017

Eau Claire, WI

As our community comes apart from the drug epidemic, Eau Claire County tax paying residents have the right to ask question regarding the ethics and integrity of Law Enforcement (leadership) without retribution and/or intimidation relating to agendas, tactics, operations, and yes… the effectiveness of the local war on drugs.


I think what is most disappointing is Drug Task Force (leadership) allowing the targeting and manipulation of teens who aren't savvy enough to know law enforcement's drug game... As we know, many loving West Central Wisconsin parents have children that have been introduced to schedule 1-2 narcotics by sports medicine doctors, child psychologist, child psychiatrists and dentists that have led to addictions during their middle and high school experience.


Many of these loving West Central Wisconsin parents with teens and young adults struggling with middle school, high school and post high school addictions will do whatever it takes to get their child into a drug treatment program. The reality is many of these teens once out of drug treatment will be baited back into the drug game on a very minor offense, not by the infamous local drug lord, but by, I believe, Drug Task Force (leadership). If a teen or an adult teen takes the bait they are manipulated in the midst of their moment of self-shame will do whatever it takes so their loving parents won't learn of their recent backslide. These self-shamed teens and young adults are given an ultimatum by Drug Task Force, make several hard drug buys, or suffer the D.A's consequences. So many of these self-shamed teens and young adults will enter into extremely dangerous situations to make hard drug buys that even Drug Task Force (leadership) knows would not enter without a tactical team, body armor and/or military grade weapon(s).


Drug Task Force (leadership) knows that many of these loving West Central Wisconsin parents trying to save their children from a gripping addition doesn’t come for free. Many families will sell everything they own, mortgage homes and/or use their life savings to place their child into a drug treatment program as many times as it takes. Not knowing that West Central Drug Task Force is simultaneously rendering many families bankrupt.


Prolonging self-shamed teens and young adults by pushing them deep back into the drug game when they are fresh out of treatment isn’t honorable…it’s shameful. If the leadership really wants the respect of Wisconsin communities, then mentor these teens and young adults, don’t marginalize them.


For those who report the fake news, use alternative facts and creative reporting, yes I did just humanize the plight of the real drug epidemic in West Central Wisconsin communities. For those in Eau Claire County who continue saying follow the money… I say, follow the leadership and you will find the money.

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