Why did Eau Claire County go out of its way to cover up a 2014 officer-involved shooting of a man with a severe traumatic brain injury? Because it would have opened up two decades of the patterns and practices of public corruption within Eau Claire county by one of the material witnesses.

Did the Eau Claire County Sheriffs Department cover-up an officer-involved shooting that was equal to that of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery? The lack of witness testimony and the concealment of evidence highly suggests it. In the coming eighteen months it's believed an official Writ for Habeas Corpus will be filled on behalf of Mr. Lynch that may finally expose the truth. 


The "Excited Utterance" and the "Depraved-Heart" actions by a Eau Claire County Sheriff's Deputy(s) tells a "completely different" story and warrants an investigation by the United States Department Of Justice Civil Rights Division under the Color of Law.

New witness statements have brought into focus what may have actually happened that night in January 2014. The statements gathered doesn't look good for the Eau Claire County Sheriffs Department, Eau Claire Police Department investigators and the Eau Claire County District Attorney's office.


It's now believed there was a cover-up initiated from the second after the last of fifty plus spray of bullets fired at and into Mr. Lynch. The Sheriff's Deputy asked with a quiver in his voice, "Paul are you hit?".  Mr. Lynch's surprised response to the deputy was, "Yeah, I think so". This is not a question or statement you would think an Eau Claire County Sheriff's Deputy would ask if a firearm was raised, pointed and or discharged at while fearing for his life in that moment. The deputy that made that statement that night may have known that four deputies may have just committed an unjustified shooting of a disabled man with unprecedented fire power.


There is much more to be sorted out. From single directional muzzle flash to claims of out-of- state firearm offences, to exaggerated intoxication levels, to the lack of gun powder residue tests, to audio communications, to active cruiser dash cam video, to evidence of shell casing discharge, to placement or replacement of a firearm, to selective witness accounts, to first hand accounts of witness intimidation, to firing indiscriminately at Mr. Lynch with no clear visual of the target, to every agency, department and court official it took to orchestrate a false narrative (Creative reporting) to bury the real story of what happened that night. Politics is believed to be at the center of the of a fabricated cover up. 

It's time for the Eau Claire County Sheriff, the current Under-Sheriff, and both the District Attorney and Assistant District to be removed from office for a 2014 officer-involved shooting cover-up. The in-concert manufactured statements meant to manipulate our community and jury sentiment by law enforcement and supported by Eau Claire County DA's office to prosecute the incident is illegal under TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242. Deprivation of Rights Under the Color of Law. 


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The diagram below represents Mr. Lynch's account of the officer-involved shooting. New witness statement corroborates Mr. Lynch's diagram below of location of his firearm within three to four feet. New witness statement places firearm at the approach of the walkway on the driveway. 

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