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The Document (Policy) Many Eau Claire County Family Law Practitioners Said Didn't Exist 


Not only did it exist, the document (policy) was weaponized by countless professionals directly involved in the fixing of family law and child custody outcomes. The document (policy) created a procurement tsunami of Title IV-B of the Social Security Act and Wisconsin Chapter DFC 153 incentives and match funding revenue in flows over two plus decades. The document (policy) became so popular, that it was adopted by several other Wisconsin counties without challenge. The implementation of the document (policy) below was identified repeatedly though court records, by area attorneys, in local media and on the Wisconsin Judicial District Ten website. There were Justices in Eau Claire and Clark County that spoke directly against the use of the document (policy) due to its lack of due process, civil liberties and civil rights. It's unimaginable to think of how many children and families were shattered into a million pieces in the name of Eau Claire County income revenue streams, agency and agent kickbacks and private practice profits. 

Branch 5 SPOPOPP 2009 1 of 2.jpg
Branch 5 SPOPOPP 2009 2 of 2.jpg

Branch 4's Denial Letter Of The Case Fixing In Family Law. This Is The Same Document The Eau Claire Police Department Was Investigating.

Not only was Branch 4 aware of the policy use, Branch 4 championed the policy across Wisconsin Judicial District 10, popularizing the policy in many west central Wisconsin Counties. The Eau Claire Police Department was also investigating the document below as early as Oct 2013. In 2014 Eau Claire Police Department confronted the Eau Claire County whistle blower. This would have been the first time Eau Claire Police Department investigators were privy to the family law case fixing in Eau Claire County and had the opportunity to investigate, bring charges for the case fixing and/or referred the findings to the Wisconsin Department Of Justice. 

Proctor 2009 Letter.jpg

The Document (Policy) & The Eau Claire County Budget & Finance Board Member Who's Private Family Law Practice Was Deeply Involved In The Fixing Of Family Law & Child Custody Outcomes.  


Below is a screen shot of two a WCCA additional text from a fixed family law and child custody case. The screenshot shows the document (policy) in full use and the enrichment scheme ran for years on unsuspecting children and families. The WCCA screenshot below is one of many cases pulled from Eau Claire County Court records demonstrating the use of family law case fixing.

The Eau Claire Area Family Law Attorney That Confirmed The Document (Policy).


A local attorney who knew what I had uncovered years earlier while in Madison co-writing family law a child protection legislation.

Lawyer Confirmation Of Branch 5 1 20 2011.png

Another Eau Claire County Agency Gleefully Explaining In Detail To Eau Claire Media The Case Fixing Used In Family Law.


TRY Mediation played a significant roll in the fixing of family law and child custody outcomes that placed children in home environments where there was/is a high probability of neglect, abuse, assaults and fatalities, not to mention the in-concert enrichment schemes through agency to agency collusion.

Try Family 2016 - SPOPP 1 of 2.png
Try Family 2016 - SPOPP 2 of 2.png

The Ideology Behind Family Law's Two Decades Of Family Law Case Fixing


To date there has been no accountability for the years of case fixing, civil rights and civil liberty abuses.

Branch 5 Ideology 1 of 2.png
Branch 5 Ideology 2 of 2.jpg

Branch 1 Breaking The Silence


Branch 1 Knew of the policy being used to fix family law and child custody cases by Eau Claire Family Law as addressed in the letter below, but also spoke out against its use repeatedly over many years.


Many Ask Why Would Eau Claire County Go To Such Great Lengths To Cause Eau Claire Families To Stumble & Place Children In Home Environments Where There Is A High Probability Of Neglect, Abuse, Assaults & Fatality? Simple Answer Is, Funding.


Shattering children and families into a million pieces is the name of the game. From Wisconsin DCF-153 Incentive payments, TANF funding, Social Security Title IV-B funding, incentives and matches, Section 8 housing developments, influence pedaling though legal fees and assignments and much more. To date (2023) these above practices are still being used in whole or in part in and outside of Eau Claire County. 

It's All About The Funding For Wisconsin CountiesEau Claire County Has A Long Storied History Of Destroying Families To Get The Funding Mentioned In The Video Below.

Video quote from Monroe County Child Support Director - "For every dollar spent on child support in Wisconsin, We collect over five and a half dollars". (Wisconsin DCF-153 and Social Security Title IV-D)

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