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Meyer v teasdale Memo From The Wisconsin Bureau of Child Support

The Meyer v Teasdale appellate court ruling demonstrates a portion of unimaginable civil rights and civil liberty violations initiated by the fixing of 100's and 100's of family cases using the "Standard Policy on Periods of Physical Placement". The "Standard Policy on Periods of Physical Placement" was used to strip due process to perfectly set up an unaware unimpeachable non-custodial parent with unchallengeable child support commitment orders. Here's the rub, when family law is fraudulently fixing the outcome(s) of family cases, there a high probability a non-custodial parent will fall victim to a commitment order without representation and or due process.

As you will see from the memo below from the Bureau of Child Support, agencies across Wisconsin were notified, but here in Eau Claire County the appeal ruling was wholesale dismissed. I personally had a conversation with a former Eau Claire County Sargent
 of the Sherriff's department that I knew well, I provided him with a list of unconstitutional child support warrants that fell under the memo, I demonstrated how the "Standard Policy on Periods of Physical Placement" was used to fix family law cases to create a very specific outcome to trigger federal funding incentive and match payments that would ultimately trigger child support warrants. I also brought these exact same concerns to the attention of the former Eau Claire County Sherriff. The Sheriff knew I knew that the new jail would have never been built without the help of the fixing of family case outcome that would trigger volumes of child support actions and warrants. What's shocking to me to this day is the audacity of the family law machines continued effort to this day to find ways to violate unimpeachable parents civil rights and civil liberties. I still believe a class action lawsuit is still very possible due to the overwhelming in-concert evidenced (The sophisticated RICO scheme by public and elected officials).

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