The Evidence: It took twenty years to put the material evidence together while protecting my family from 

retaliatory actions.

For two decades Eau Claire County, The City Of Eau Claire and The State of Wisconsin have yet to respond to the evidence based case rigging that took place in Branch Five and assisted by the former family court commissioner. The case rigging has decimated hundreds of Eau Claire families, children and generated hundreds on millions of dollars of suspected Federal funding fraud.


The info below clearly demonstrates those with knowledge of Federal Civil Rights and Civil Liberty laws researched this site and knew it's impact on Eau Claire Children and Families and did everything to silence the discoveries.

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Letter To Eau Claire County Sheriff.
Proctor Denial Letter
Branch 5 2009 1 of 2
Branch 5 2009 2 of 2
Eau Claire Law Firm Confirmation
Branch 5 Dist 10 Confirmation SSOPP
Branch 5 Ideology 1 of 2
Branch 5 Ideology 2 of 2
CH DWD 44 2003
DCF - 153 Incentives
Meyer vs Teasdale 1 of 2
Meyer vs Teasdale 2 of 2
Children and Families Website On Jan 6, 2014
Tina  Order Denial By Eau Claire County
Try Family Mediation 2016 - 1 of 2
Try Family Mediation 2016 - 1 of 2
SPOPP Use By Court Commissioner
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