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Tina Hayden Eau Claire, WI

Investigative research uncovers supporting evidence of Eau Claire
County Human Services covering up a ten count rape case where they allowed the perpetrator to be Tina Hayden's caretaker without
any background checks.

Tina Hayden of Eau Claire cognitively and physical disable with special needs was brutally raped on ten different occasions by Donald Newell of Chippewa Falls WI. The Hayden family of Eau Claire did everything in there power to prevent contact with Donald Newell, but Eau Claire County over ruled the Hayden family at every turn. The Hayden family went as far as attempting to get a restraining order in place for Tina Hayden, It was denied by commissioner Adler. After Eau Claire County realized the rapes had occurred, Eau Claire County Human Services and I believe the Eau Claire County Sherriff's Department along with the Eau Claire County Attorneys office went out of there way to insure silence thought intense intimidation tactics targeted at the Hayden family. To date no one from Eau Claire County has ever been held accountable. 

Tina Hayden vs Donald Newell Restraning Order Denied 9-23-2004 Case Number
Tina Hayden Victim -  Donald Newell Rapist Conviction 8-2-2007.jpg
Eau Claire County TRY
Tina Hayden - One Big Cover Up -  Nov 7th 2006 1 of 2.jpg
Tina Hayden - One Big Cover Up - Nov 7th 2006 2 of 2.jpg
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