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                                                                                    Reflecting Forward


Karma is a concept that refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect, where a person's actions in the present or past lives determine their destiny or future experiences. Reflecting forward helps one navigate an intention(s), allowing an opportunity to consciously be aware of an action that is about to be set into motion.

According to the principle of karma, every action a person takes—whether physical, mental, or verbal—creates an energy that will eventually return to them. Positive actions generate positive energy or "good karma," while negative actions create negative energy or "bad karma." The consequences of these actions may not be immediate but can manifest in this lifetime or in future lives.

Karma is often associated with the idea of moral responsibility and the notion that individuals are accountable for their choices and behavior. It suggests that one's actions have repercussions and influence their circumstances, relationships, and overall spiritual journey.

It's important to note that karma is not seen as a form of punishment or reward but rather as a natural law of cause and effect. It serves as a mechanism for learning and growth. One's actions have consequences, often emphasizing the notion of "what goes around comes around" or the belief in spiritual justice.

I have seen karma playout from a far many of times for good and bad. I have seen prominent individuals with positions of power in Eau Claire cast all morals, values and ethics to the side to get an advantage or to cause another to stumble, those that think karma doesn't notice, karma notices, karma will sweep over ones life when they are least likely to expect it. Whether you put good karma or bad karma out into the universe, you will know when karma strikes, because you will instantly remember what action(s) you created to experience the kind of karma that has come back to you.

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